Something Rare & Valuable

The best way to build up career capital (and thus have the leverage to be a truly successful “lifestyle designer”), you need to master a rare and valuable skill.

That’s the Craftsman’s mentality. Not, “What can this career bring to me,” but, “What can I bring to this career?” (quote from Cal)

My choice for “rare and valuable” is copywriting.

A few years ago I studied a few sales letters, worked a bit for a startup, but I did not master it. I just got okay at it.

I’ve had enough of trying to be quick, of being impatient. I’m ready to earn minimal amounts for the next 10 years if necessary, if that’s what it takes to be truly world-class.

At 34:26 in TMBA #381, Cal Newport stresses that you must relentlessly develop the skill. “Not just doing it a lot, but training like you’re LeBron James.”

I’m ready.


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