Dvorak Update: 55 wpm

That’s not an average, I will admit, but I did hit 55wpm the other day.

Two months ago I switched from the Qwerty keyboard layout to the Dvorak layout (not named for the letters on the top row, btw – named after the inventor, ).

Here’s what my progress has looked like:

2017-03-22 at 12.56.49.png

Bare in mind: The second half is not as smooth as it looks. I just stopped taking data points every day.

Regardless, the trend is clear, and common. With almost everything, you make fast progress at first, and then you reach a plateau.

If it becames an “OK Plateau“, you may never leave it!

55wpm is solidly above average (~40)… but I don’t want to be mearly above average! My old Qwerty speed was 85wpm at a push, so my Dvorak goal is at least that. I’ll aim for 100.

I’ve been treating progress as a given, but maybe that was an error. I’ll start practicing dail again, like I did when I first switched.

I have no doubt that I can learn to type faster with Dvorak than I could with Qwerty. It’s so much more comfortable to type with the layout. It would stand to reason that it can be faster.

(I use Typing-Speed-Test.aoeu.eu to test my typing speed and Typing Club to practice.)


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