The Power List – Make Growth Inevitable

Don’t worry about the future.

Just win today.

That’s the message of the MFCEO #107: Win The Day.

Andy Frisella’s podcast can easily make you feel like a little girly-boy by the shear weight of their grit, so it would seem. But in this episode, they do a great job of bringing all that mindset stuff into a single daily commitment.

The commitment to win the day.

The Power List

5 critical tasks that move you one step closer to your goals.

“It’s about 5 times a day doing something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable.”

When you cross off all of them, you put a W on the page.

You’ve just won the day.


If you fail to do them all, you put an L on the page.

You’ve just lost the day.


If, at the end of the week, you have more Ws than Ls, you’ve won the week!

When something on the list becomes habit, stop adding it to the list and replace it with something else. Otherwise, you won’t grow any further.

The Visualisation

To visualise well you have to imagine every single detail of a particular scene that would show up in your ideal future “successful” life.

It is very hard to imaging a scene in tremendous detail. If your brain doesn’t hurt a little bit, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s cheesy, but Andy swears by it. If that blue-collar, bearded, potty-mouthed hard-arse says visualisation works, it probably works!

The Mindset

You don’t have to believe in yourself yet. That’s the beauty of it. All you need to do is to win the day. Use a goal (that you don’t have to believe you’ll attain) to inform what goes on the list. Then just do the list, and the feeling of winning the day will be what you play for. It doesn’t matter that you see no results at first.

You’ll start to enjoy the feeling of winning.

Then you’ll feel like a winner.

Then you’ll actually win.

My Experience With the Power-List

I’ve been using the Power List this week, and I love it. I’ve won the week, and I’ve made such progress that when I tried to recall something that happened last Monday, I thought it had happened two weeks ago.

I don’t do the visualisations yet, but I will next week.

What I’ve Learned So Far

1) 5 uncomfortable tasks are too many for one area of life.

5 tasks are too many to have in just one field. I dedicated the whole list to work, and that was really tough. Many people (including a baller who was on that very same episode), use a list of three. These are high-performers. Take the hint. It takes time, and you can only do a few things every day that are not easy, or at least relegated to “auto-pilot” in our brains.

So if you’re doing the 5-task list, spread them out across your life. Do some for health, some for business, some for family, spirituality, whatever needs attention.

2) It’s fine (/necessary) to have non-scary habitual type tasks there

This isn’t a list of the day’s business tasks. That’s how I handled it. Some of the lists can be, in fact should be, things that will be on the list many days in a row.

Andy used to have “Read 10 pages” on his list for a while, because he was out of the habit of reading.

They don’t all have to be cold calls! (Although some probably should be).

The Power List will not make you Superman tomorrow.

It will simply move the needle forward.

Keep it up for a year, and your life will not possibly look the same.



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