Business Health is Unsexy (& There’s Our Opportunity)

“People are inspired and feeling good because they feel safe and they feel like they can grow… That’s the shit that matters.”

“Your first 10 employees are the foundation of your company. They are the steel beams and the concrete at the bottom of your building that nobody will ever see. They need to be into you and you need to be into them. And the only way to get to that is speak the truth. Communication.
The truth. Communication.
The truth. Communication.”

I love Gary V so much because he has made the unsexy in business at least consumable.

Lasting success seems to rely on a lot of stuff that would never be printed in a headline.

The Advantage

“[Organizational health] doesn’t require great intelligence or sophistication, just uncommon levels of discipline, courage, persistence, and common sense.”

The Advantage is a powerful, important book. Not a sexy one.

It’s all about the mundane greatness of organisational health.

No magazine or newspaper wants to run a story about a humble leader who continues to run her medium-sized company with discipline, common sense, and consistency. They would rather tell you about how a brash young entrepreneur is trying to set the world on fire – and maybe himself – with a disruptive new piece of technology or a revolutionary new service.

I have personally seen what happens when an entrepreneur is too obsessed with the sexy. Freshly carpeted office space, floor to ceiling white-boards, a bigger team month after month. And I’ve seen the disaster it can lead to.

Like a slim young lady who keeps in shape by occasionally starving herself, she may look good, but she’s likely to collapse.

The Truth; Communication. The Truth; Communication. The Truth; Communication.

It’s not only the amount of communication. It’s also the quality.

Of the four disciplines described in The Advantage as the key to organisational health, three include the word clarity. The other includes “cohesive leadership”.

Discipline 1: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team
Discipline 2: Create Clarity
Discipline 3: Overcommunicate Clarity
Discipline 4: Reinforce Clarity

Health is all about being aligned. Everyone feels safe, and has room to grow. What they hear from one leader is the same as what they hear from another.

The Truth. Clarity. Communication. Alignment. Consistency.

The Opportunity

Health is uncommon.

It’s not sexy to eat right every day, but the glowing health and strength it gives a body is all worth it. It’s powerful, and uncommon, to be truly healthy. The same is true for the things that create organisational health.

This whole subject fascinates me. Does it you?


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