3 Daily Bricks

(Clipped, 1:01:32 to 1:02:25)

I used to think the key to my success was getting everything right.

I wanted to biohack my body to maximise its potential. I wanted to master memory techniques until I had a database brain. I wanted to sleep polyphasically and have 20+ hours of wakeful time per day.

This was a long time ago. I was young, and very excited by the knowledge that all this and more was at least possible.

What I didn’t consider was that only the basics are necessary.

You can be pretty loose with the rest.

The 3 brick practice is the most basic of all. It’s foundational.

Write a list of 3 bricks every evening, and then lay those bricks the following day.

That won’t give you everything you want, but it can give you pretty much anything you want if you have the stomach to pick one thing.

PS – Above, Andy meant episode 107, not 117 for Win The Day. Find it here.


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