You Won’t Find Clients Unless You Start With Who They Are

If you want better “clients”, you won’t succeed. It’s impossible. Where do you even begin?

If you want more SaaS businesses based in London with 2-15 employees who have a blog and know its value but don’t have the resources to do it justice……you might succeed.

You know to begin looking for them in

You know to position yourself as a results-driven blogging service.

You know to talk to them about the importance of freeing up resources and mental space to focus on their product.

Better Than a Specific Group – A Specific Person

When thinking of who your new, better client should be, have one person in mind. It makes it significantly easier to think about their needs and how to reach them.

For me, as I’m building Content Lab, my client avatar is Ruben Gamez:

(Interview from the blogging course that helped me start my career as a freelance writer: PaidtoBlog)



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