Battling With Productivity Demons

Listened to this while working this morning. Gorgeous waves of ear-chocolate. 

What is the challenge in the honest daily post practice?

  1. Being honest.
  2. Doing it every day.

Honestly, Thursday evening put me in a pit of doubt.

I did one small thing to push me towards success, and then unconsciously slipped into a familiar avoidance pattern.

An hour later, I noticed the cause-effect. I’ve been watching my own behaviour for 2 years. Paying attention. It’s paying off…slowly.

I didn’t dive right back into inspired hustle, but I did notice what was happening. A few episodes later I tore myself away from the TV I was using as distraction, took in some fresh air, and looked at what I was doing.

The doubt overwhelmed me. It seemed obvious that these compulsive patterns would never change. I could continue to work on my habits, but in the past, the gremlin within has simply changed form, and found a way around my surface-efforts.

I had no answers. So I texted my accountability partner. I usually don’t reach out. He also had no answers, but he did help.

I have no answers.

All I can suggest is to pay attention. Watch your thoughts. Watch your behaviour. There’s a strange, subtle power it gives you.

Doing The Most Important Thing First

I want a dramatic transformation, but I’ll settle for learning to dance with my demons.

With any work, there is something you will avoid the most.

The best way to stop is to do nothing else before doing it.

Either you procrastinate an entire day away or you get it done.

This works.


These Daily Posts have become easy to do.

And I formed that habit by doing them first thing in the morning.


Let’s find out — by spending the first 3 hours of the day prospecting instead.

We’ll see if I’m still avoiding it in 30 day’s time.
>> Update on Monday 27th March


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