The Personal/Professional Divide Online

For the last 24 days, I’ve committed to publication a “daily post”.

Sometimes it’s been to hone something that’s on my mind.
Sometimes it’s been to document my journey.
Sometimes it’s been to connect two ideas that haven’t been connected before.

Sometimes it’s been hard.
Sometimes it’s been easy.

And now, it’s starting to get the first tricklings of a readership.

Thus, I’ve decided to do the same thing for Content Lab.

So now I have two “daily posts” to keep up.

The Heart & Soul of Your Content

Two days ago I realised that in order for Content Lab to work, it’s core beliefs and values would need to be my own. And people who work for it will be those that align with the same things.

The soul must be closely based on my own. That way the first hires will be naturally aligned and the company has a chance of keeping its soul even after I’m gone.

The question now is whether you should pour energy into the reputation of your logo, or that of your face.

Medium solves this question beautifully by putting a face to every piece of content, and logos are kept to the “publications”. What an elegant solution!

On most social media platforms, it’s either one or the other. Take Twitter for example. If you focus most of your energy on your account with your face and just pump out links and promos on your company feed, then people won’t feel too that invested in it. They’ll get more attached to your personal account.

Maybe that’s ok. Maybe that’s the way it’s always going to be.

I don’t have this fully figured out yet. I only know this – My personal accounts and content will follow me wherever I go for the rest of my life. Content Lab’s, on the other hand, will one day be run by someone else.

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