Be Clear – Not About What You Want – About What You Want to Have Done


The end of the day is when I am typically assaulted by feelings and thoughts of self-doubt. I wonder if it’s all futile. Why do I bother? Why not pack it in? No one cares anyway.

Perhaps decision fatigue has set in. Perhaps a day of putting out a lot without receiving a lot has taken its toll.

It happens regularly, whether or not I have crushed the day, or submitted to it.

So if those feelings are coming, what should I remember now, at 6am, that will keep me strong and big-picture-focused when the evening comes?


I must be clear about what I want. Not what I want to achieve. That thought only fuels the doubt. The doubt enjoys it because it can so easily turn it into food for itself with, “Oh, that’s what you want to happen out of this? You’re kidding yourself.”

The trick is being clear on what I want to have done.

I want to have done my level best to create a blog that’s true, that documents my journey, and clarifies my thoughts. It’s not as important if people read it or not. That’s a result that’s out of my control.

I want to have created a content service designed to work with human nature, not against it, for the people who work for it and the people who buy from it. I can do that – and it might not work as I hope. That’s not as important as the knowledge that I have done what I can to find out.

All I control is what I do, not what may come of what I do.

This time next year, you’ll find yourself having done some things. Will they be the things you’re proud of having done?

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