Scorecard Week 1: A Bad Start (And Why The System Stops That From Mattering)

19% – That’s my first week’s score.

Pretty abysmal, and the beauty of the 12 Week Year Scorecard is that I have it down in writing. Before, I would have thought, “Yeah I didn’t do everything I planned to do, but I did some stuff.”

Now, I know exactly how little of it I did at a glance. All I need to do is step back and assess why.

The three main reasons for the low implementation are:

  1. I had “90-minute Jam Sessions” as part of the score.
  2. The plan was still too broad.
  3. I hadn’t broken down the big stuff.

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1) Deliverables > Time-In-Seat

Including 90-minute Jam Sessions or 25-minute Pomodoros leaves too much up to chance, and it’s not the thing that really matters. Blocking off time for focused work is meant to help you achieve the stuff that matters. It’s a means to an end, and it’s the end that should be scored.

Sometimes I did things that should have been scored, but because I didn’t block off time for them, I couldn’t include them.

Part of the problem was that I wasn’t crystal clear on the specifics I should have been doing. I’m much clearer now.

2) Get More Focussed

I’m not sure if developing relationships wich editors of big publishers should have been on there. It was included because it helps exposure to be a contributor for some big publications, and I know it can be done. But when I looked at the task, I just kept feeling like there was something else that deserved my time more.

It’s still a good idea, but if I keep it, I’ll need to get much more specific about how it fits into the big picture.

3) Chunk It

The weekly “blog funnel” and “guest post” was too broad. If I have a chance of doing those things alongside everything else I need to do, I’ll be better off deciding what to do on Monday, what to do on Tuesday, and so on, so that I make steady progress towards these rather large tasks throughout the week.


Since I’ve kept up this daily personal blog without difficulty, I’m going to do another for Content Lab, and base each day’s subject off something that’s trending on Twitter – inspired from something Gary V suggested.

I also want to pick up my Instagram hustle again. I got quite far with my new account before Christmas last year. It would be a shame not to keep building it – and it shouldn’t take too much time daily.

Each item must have a clearer benefit. I don’t find it motivating to be faced with the shame of a low score. I just don’t feel that bad about it. I’m doing this for clarity, not for a fire under my arse. Therefore, to help with motivation, each thing needs to be more clearly linked to a future achievement. Everything needs start with why.

I’ll be back next week with how it went.



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