Do What You Love? Or Fall in Love with What You Do?

Should you do what you’re already passionate about, or simply do what you’re good at, and then fall in love with winning, with helping people, or with creating beauty?

Successful folk will look back on their career and notice that they loved it. Then they give the advice: “Do what you love.”

They’re putting the cart before the horse.

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I’ve noticed a few things about successful people that muddies the advice of “Follow your passion.”

Firstly, while they say they work hard because they love what they do, they actually love being someone who works hard. It’s part of their identity. “No matter who you are, I’ll win because I’ll out-work you,” they say. Working hard adds to their “love” of their work, because they love being a hustler.

Secondly, they love winning or making an impact just as much as they love the actual thing they do. A blogger who loves what she does might only be fascinated with the topic of the blog, not in love with it. She’s more in love with the community she’s built and the success she’s achieved. (Nothing wrong with that, of course).

Follow Your Curiosity & Develop Your Passion

“If you’ve lost your life’s true passion (or if you’re struggling desperately to find passion in the first place), don’t sweat it. Back off for a while. But don’t go idle, either. Just try something different, something you don’t care about so much. Why not try following mere curiosity, with its humble, roundabout magic? At the very least, it will keep you pleasantly distracted while life sorts itself out. At the very most, your curiosity may surprise you. Before you even realize what’s happening, it may have led you safely all the way home.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

In the Fizzle Show’s most recent episode, they covered the difference between hot passion and cold passion, for want of a better term…maybe warm passion would be better.

Hot passion is burning lust – The one-night stand  – The lover who becomes a stranger the next morning.

Warm passion is the one that grows over time – The girlfriend who just “gets you”, who is aligned with your values and who you grow to love more and more over time.

Thing is, you have to also want the long-term relationship itself to be truly satisfied with it, or else you’re likely to sabotage the warm love that’s real for the hot lust that’s gone the next day.

It’s the same with work.

You have to want the life of an entrepreneur itself to be truly satisfied with it, or else you’ll sabotage the sustainable business that works for a shiny new idea that you’re fired up about today and lukewarm for tomorrow.

Successful entrepreneurs love the grind itself. At least, they think they do. In fact, they love being someone who grinds. It’s a question of inner-identity.

So, the next question becomes – how do you nurture the love being a hustler?


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