Breaking Through the Noise by Positioning

At 52:39 of the Tim Ferriss Show #213, the Godfather of Lifestyle Design suggests that marketing strategies are not the best way to break through the noise with your product or service.

Instead, he claims, the way to do it is through positioning.

It’s a point of view very much in line with The Blue Ocean Strategy, which he references.


It’s about owning a category, or in Blue Ocean terms: an uncontested market space.

The best way to do that is by creating a new category, of course.

If you create one that gels with a type of person, you have the chance to build a tribe – a group of super-fans who love your thing because they can rally around it and find like-minded people. They then pay that value back to you by becoming evangelists for you.

For Content Lab, the new category it’s creating is companies that organise and support freelance writers in a way that’s better than what they would get under employment. The number of kids leaving school to go straight into freelancing is going to continue to grow so this mission might attract some great talent. The biggest problem I found when getting started was someone telling me what sucked and what worked.

The problem? This is the workforce-facing side of the business, where the money goes out to. It’s not the market-facing side, where the money flows in.

The service itself must be in a category of its own.

And I just might have that: blog funnels.

Treating every article like a funnel with a clear and measurable purpose, not just a mere article.

However, that’s not really the sort of thing that could form a “tribe”… is it?

I’ll have to think long and hard about this one.


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