Waits For No One and Rushes For Nothing

Patience is one of the key factors to long-term success, or really any kind of success.

Waiting patiently is a completely different thing to waiting impatiently.

When you wait patiently you are simply ready. You’re ready for the thing to happen. You’re ready to receive the result and take the next step when the time is right – no sooner, no later.

When you wait impatiently you are needy. You’re desperate for the thing to happen. You’re desperate to get the result and keep moving forwards right now – sooner than reality will allow.

Reality will always give us the result that’s matched perfectly to what we put in, combined with all the innumerable factors at play. To ask it for anything else is crazy.

It’s not possible to stop myself from feeling impatient, but it is possible and necessary to then let it go by remembering that reality waits for no one and rushes for nothing.


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