Invest in the Pride of Doing

What do you do when you’ve lost faith in the process?

Attach your emotional investment to the pride of doing instead.

This morning I spent one hour sitting with my “pain-body” (Power of Now lingo), i.e. the suppressed emotional complex that I believe is holding me back in life. I felt it as fully as it would allow, without judgement or trying to change it. This is what Dane Maxwell’s friend purportedly did for a full week (34:10 in this podcast episode), at which point it “popped out” and he made rapid progress in his career after struggling for a long time. He was no longer holding himself back.

It’s not an easy task. A whole hour of embracing anxiety that feels like it will never end!

I’ve been doing this in some form for 10 days now. Sometimes 30 minutes, usually 5. I told myself that was ok. It was the daily practice that mattered.

But maybe not. I remember Tim Ferriss saying he found 15 minutes was the “inflexion point” for him with meditation. Less than that didn’t really produce an effect. He meditates for 20 minutes and feels the benefits flowing to him in those last 5 minutes only.

Perhaps it’s the same with this “letting go of suppressed emotion” malarky.

Doubt has crept in. My faith in the process has faltered. Will it work for me? How long will it take? If I stick to it religiously for a month, and still nothing, that’s 30 hours “wasted” just sitting in a bad feeling. It sounds masochistic. How long until I say enough is enough?

I’ll never find my answers without doing it.

So, to get around the doubt, I’m investing myself in the pride of having done it with at least as much persistence as Dane’s friend. The result of this practice is not my concern. Only the pride of knowing that I stuck it out for a week at least, and didn’t weasel my way out of it.

I’ll report back on the 10th. 🙂


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