Designing a Powerful Day

My “theme” of 2017 is “powerful”. It’s a word that brings up a mild feeling of excitement and can be tagged on the front of any area of my life to create an inspiring big-picture goal.

“To build a powerful day” is obviously not a workable goal in itself, but it informs smaller, more specific goals and systems.

This method of goal setting was suggested by the guys at The Fizzle Show.

For example – Follow a very strict regime throughout February that is informed by all the shit I’ve read over the past few years.

Today is day two of the regime.

It started with the sleep cycle (which needs huge improvement), and turned into this:

2017-01-31 at 08.50.14 (2).png

I’m outlining each day beforehand and then adjusting the blocks throughout the day to reflect what I actually do.

In other words, today’s layout is how I want all the days to be, apart from the morning, where I got up one hour too late.

That weird yellow one, “Sit in presence with the suppressed emotion” is from this episode of the Starting From Nothing podcast with Dane Maxwell. At 35:15 he tells a story of a friend of his who, upon reading Letting Go: a Pathway to Surrender by Dr David Hawkins, identified a repressed emotion that he was storing in his gut. He spent a week “letting go” of it for an hour daily until it popped out and he quickly closed $30,000 worth of sales. When asked how he did that, he simply said he got out of his own way.

I read the book, identified my own repressed emotion stored around my solar plexus, and spent two years learning about emotion instead of actually doing the work. Although it sounds simple, sitting down for an entire hour and to get in touch with a long-held clump of inner pain is hard.

So that’s on the daily agenda. Either I do it, or I don’t. It’s visible and undeniable now.

The Jam Sessions are from Darren Hardy’s talk about what makes the world’s uber achievers successful (at 01:00:32). The idea of blocking off time to work on something without interruption is not unique. If also heard it pushed as a crucial practice in Getting Agile ResultsThe ONE ThingDeep Work, and many more places. Darren is where I heard it called a “jam session”, though, and I like that.

Getting up at 5 is a suggestion from Miracle Morning, among other places. Most of my evening routine is made from recommendations of Tim Ferriss, who, like me, is prone to have difficulty falling asleep.

I’m well aware that an 8pm bedtime is a little unsociable. But I’m unsociable anyway, while I’m living here in the countryside. This regime is not forever. It’s just to see, to find out if daily rituals can fix my problems of sleep and motivation. So far, it’s doing well for both.



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