Dvorak: 2 Weeks Later

2 weeks ago I wrote a post about Dvorak, the keyboard layout that claims to be faster and easier on the wrists than Qwerty.

While the speed benefits are disputed, the comfort improvements are widely acknowledged [ref]. People use this layout to cure carpal tunnel syndrome.

Personally, I find it more comfortable even though I’m still a novice. Since I type for a living and likely spend a lot of my life on keyboards no matter what, it makes a lot of sense to learn the one that

Getting Up To Speed

My Qwerty speed was 80 words per minute (wpm) before the switch, 85 on a good day.

Today I clocked my Dvorak speed at 40 wpm using the same tester.

That’s 2 weeks to reach 50% of my Qwerty speed. Not bad.

To practice, I found a delightful web-app called Typing Club. The smooth UI and the click-clacking sound of an old typewriter make it genuinely fun.

The typing display shows a Qwerty layout by default, but you can turn it off by clicking the settings button in the top right corner 2017-01-28 at 23.40.58.png

…and choosing from the drop-down menu under “Layout”.

2017-01-28 at 23.34.32.png


I’m not an RSI sufferer, but I have felt a stiffness and very slight pain in my wrists and fingers before. Hopefully, this switch will save me from ever developing a serious, career-threatening injury!

And if I can learn to break the 100 wpm barrier with Dvorak, so much the better! I’d give it two, maybe three months for that. We’ll see!



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