Music is a drug – it can get you truly buzzed. In a similar way, a concept is a psychoactive substance. It can affect your neurochemistry.

A quote can change a life. Not by consuming it once on Instagram, but by chewing it over, again and again. You choose not only which concepts you feed yourself every day, but also how they’re digested.

Daily affirmations rarely have any effect for this reason. They’re read with blank, bored morning-eyes. Every day they become more familiar, and thus more of a chore. You develop a tolerance, and they lose their active ingredients.

There are two active ingredients in a concept:

  1. Emotional weight – For a thought to take hold, you have to really sell yourself on it. 
  2. Frequency – A neural pathway gets stronger and faster every time it’s used.

It’s no use getting excited and inspired by something only once, nor will you see a difference if you rush through your list of affirmations each morning. You need both emotional weight and frequency.

Action Step:

Write a short list of concepts, ideas, or attitudes that would make your daily life better if they were hard-wired into you.

Sell yourself on each one every morning.




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